Sunday, November 30, 2008

Young and Wild and Free

Meet Puffpuff, my ultimate partner in college crime. She was there from the very beginning - I think we first met around a month after I graduated from highschool, when I still belonged to the v club - so yes, we go waaay back. My magic mirror, safeguard conscience, devil's advocate, emotional band aid, human blog... I can go on and on listing how she was and still is to me. She witnessed all my crucial college bitch fits, dramaramas, boy conquests and misadventures, drinking and hang over sprees, bad hair days, breakouts, me without make up, the crazy crash diets, my shining moments, my stupidities... she is one of the few people who truly knows me inside and out. We could've been married (we even connected our beds together) hahaha! The university equivalent of Pupols in hs, and the present 3G.

It's been more than a year since we've last shared our matrimonial bed (we would tease each other about celebrating our anniversary; March 30 if I'm not mistaken hahaha!), but up to now, I still get "Puff withdrawal episodes". Obvious ba? Kaya nga may ganitong post eh.
 So, in order to get my blast from the not so ancient past fix, let me list my top 5 Cocopuff memories:

5. Extreme sugar rush from Cowmoon's chocolate- themed debut. My gaz! We couldn't stop laughing!

4. There was this time when she was just glued to her pc singing along to pop songs blasting from her speakers - I was impressed really - how could she work on a paper while doing all that??? So I check up on her only to discover that she wasn't working on any paper at all - SHE WAS STARING AT SONG LYRICS SHE PASTED ON MS WORD!

3. Puff turning off all the lights in our room, then dancing to PCD's Buttons - yes, with exactly the same dance moves from the video.

2. The time we ended up shivering from our 2 day water detox stint - we were so weak we had to help each other get up from bed whenever we had to go to the bathroom.

1. Our daily morning routine: She wakes up at 4am to take a shower. I follow at 5am. Then we spend the next two hours (6-8am) blow-drying, ironing our hair and putting on make up for our first class. Yep, we did this every freakin' school day.

So Puff, if you're reading this, COME TO MANILA. SOON. Missing you tons!

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