Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And Here Comes Another Fab Blog Award

As Kirby from Good Gals Inc. would put it, "I am seriously loving this blog award stuff!" :D I am unbelievably honored, touched and happy for having received another award from a blog I just followed this morning. Thus, let me take advantage of the opportunity to thank and introduce a truly beautiful blogger, Soon2bhealthybride. As we welcome 09, let us all support and follow her prepare for her BIG DAY! Yay! What are y'all waiting for - click that link! :) 

Here are the rules:
Find the beautiful ladies that you follow.
Give them this award.
Hopefully it'll truly mean something to each and everyone of you.
Don't be shy to give it to the same person!
Don't forget to tell them!

And here are the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGERS I religiously follow:

Have a beautiful New Year everyone!

A New Blog Award for the New Year

I am so happy and grateful that Kirby from Good Gals Inc. tagged me in this award. She is such a sweet and wonderful person so y'all should head off to her page and discover for yourselves!

1. Put the logo on your blog or post. 

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE! 

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post. 

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. 

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Difficult, difficult... here it goes....

Enjoy the coming New Year's Eve everybody!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Looking Back II

Defining Moment #2: The BorAnniversary

Saturday, December 27, 2008

No Looking Back (my 2008 in a few defining episodes)

It's almost over. I don't know about you guys, but personally, 2008 wasn't really THE year for me if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, I'm going to give it one last look before I go welcome 2009 with arms, eyes, and mouth (haha!) wide open. Since I'm relatively new here at blogger, I went through my old blog last night searching for memorable 2008 entries to post in installments 'til the new year arrives.
So here it goes...

Jun 28, '08 7:06 am (Boston time)
for Jive's contacts

Blakeley Hall where I stayed with Rin at Tower E

And It's Done: My Mini Tribute to Summer School 

It's over! My six week stint at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy is finished! In six days I shall be crashing back to Manila reality and drowning in official MA workload. However, before I descend into the deeper realms of academia, I'd like to look back at this extremely invaluable experience that has helped me grow even more...

The unforgettables:
1. The super culture shock arrival - I couldn't see a single Filipino/Asian around. I was tired, alone, clueless, tired, tired, tired... the sun was still up at 8pm... I was scared to be alone in the hotel room... I burst into tears.

2. Me eating only Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chip cookies from the Student Center during my first week here at Fletcher. Everything was so effing far, and at that time I had no courage to explore yet, because I didn't want to get lost. From that moment til today I have been staying away from chocolate chip cookies.

3. Me crying to Sirin during the peak of my adjustment period cause I thought she was my age. A zero poise moment cause my make up was everywhere and my nose was running ( I know, yuck) but at least it was the start of a great friendship between Rin and I. I honestly do not know how I could've managed without her.

4. Me walking for 40 minutes to the "nearest grocery" to buy food. I attempted to walk my way back with 4 heavy bags with bottles in them, but I gave up after like 50 steps. I had to enter an Indian catering shop and bought food to have the taxi company's number.

5. My shining econ theory moment. That was really one of the happiest points of my stay here given that I was able to prove my worth as a student with a functioning brain.

6. Me taking today's finals in PAJAMAS! I love it! One of the things I've learned here is that no one ever dresses up nicely for (that)class. Mas maganda pa nga yung pantulog ko kanina kaysa sa mga suot ng mga tao. Also I can't get over the fact that we finished the entire syllabus in 6 weeks, considering that we rarely finished our syllabi during college.

Things to miss:
1. Hearing Marc Anthony's "You Sang to Me" play on Sirin's laptop every morning.
2. Me and Sirin eating dinner (either delivery from Thai/Sushi place/ Italian restaurant) after class every T TH. We'd end up chatting til 12mn, then we'll start studying.
3. Me and Sirin laughing at weird classmates.
4. Using the electronic fob to open the door, and using to see how the washing machines are doing downstairs.
5. The Fletcher School itself - it is such a beautiful building with killer facilities.I wouldn't mind living there. There's a huge elevator even though the building only has two floors.
6. SIRIN!!!

The trivial new discoveries:
1. How to use the washing machine.
2. Getting used to the "T" (subway) to get around Boston.
3. How to cook (but most of the food I like to eat are breakfast stuff anyway e.g. bacon, spam, sausage, etc.)

The non-trivial stuff:
1. Older people tend to reason out in really strange/incredible/poor ways. One thing I've learned here (and P. Bird was right when he told me this in the beginning of the course) was that just because people are older, doesn't necessarily mean they're wiser.

2. I became a stronger person - being alone-alone in a month made me see how independence works from a different angle. My independence in Manila helped a lot, but there I was in my comfort zone with people I love and an environment I am familiar with. Here, I learned TO BE my own comfort zone.

3. It is sooo hard to trust people - yes, people are people wherever they may be, and in Fletcher, we live in the realist premise that in this world, there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, just permament INTEREST.

4. If you want it, you just can't get it. You FIGHT for it. And you just keep on fighting.... and fighting... and fighting...

5. To quote Amin: "Fletcher is the best experience for you so far. You may not have worked, but the exposure you got from all these people who are working all over the world in different fields is enough to give you a better idea of which path you'd like to take in IR, as well as to impart wisdom to guide you when your time comes."

In the end, I came, I saw, and in my own way I conquered. My stay here was a fabulous yet humbling experience. It is something that I would always be happy and proud about. Someday, I'd be really looking forward to tell my kids about my stay here, especially how I stayed up til 6am the night before finals trying to study, and at the same time - PAINT MY NAILS. That despite her ditziness, their mom survived to be the youngest (ditz) to step foot in the Fletcher School of Law in Diplomacy.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have Yourselves a Merry Fantabulous Christmas!

This is it everyone! Merry Merry Christmas! Let's pay it forward and share our blessings, material and otherwise, with at least three people today in honor of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future!

G: "The unicorn is the unicorn is the unicorn."

As G says, the unicorn symbolizes the unattainable - it is a myth.
This is quite embarassing for me, considering my numerous attempts to "forget" my own unattainable unicorn, but last night I faced the harsh reality that sometimes there are just certain people and situations that you could never forget. He was, is and would be around for the foreseeable future, and I've no choice but to deal with it. Arriving at this realization was hard. Articulating it is even harder. Deciding how to act - now this is the hardest.
As Professor Bird (my adorable Brit econ prof over at Tufts) would say, "Economists are simple-minded folk. They can't deal with a lot of choices, so mostly they categorize everything into two." Thus, my two options:
1) The more stupid and likely: To keep hanging on amidst knowing that there would never be anything. Stick around and settle for what is existing, while secretly hoping that one day all would change.
2) The "best", most difficult, and highly unlikely (knowing me): To respect principles and stay away. Move on without looking back.
God help me find the strength to push through with option number 2.
The unicorn is unattainable.
It is a mythical creature.
It could be seen just in the imagination.
Never mine. Never thine. Never ours.
This is starting to kill me.
I've got to walk away.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My First Blogger Award Ever!

Oh-Em-Gee! I sooo couldn't believe it when I was reading through Jenny's post over at Practically Perfect and saw that she has awarded my blog!

"This blog invests and believes in proximity - nearness in space, time, and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly written text into the body of their award."

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH JENNY! You truly are Practically Perfect!

Hmmm... much like Jenny, it is quite difficult to nominate just eight bloggers - hours and hours in front of my laptop has taught me that the blogging universe is just sooo huge and filled with so many interesting people and stories. Nevertheless I shall try my very best to award eight more very deserving bloggers :D

1. Waiting for the Rapture - Aside from being a great friend, G's blog is hip, interesting and funny in all the right places! She is also perhaps the only person who fully understands my posts with all the confusing codes and all considering that she's in on the faces behind the names. Her thoughts about life, love, music... anything and everything under the sun is truly refreshing!

2. Bergdorf Blondes - Shasta was my first follower (other than my Gs who know me personally) and I guess all of you would agree that nothing compares to that adrenaline rush you get upon discovering that there is that first person out there who thinks your blog is worth following. I love her fashion pictures of her daily outfits, and if I could have an older sister, I'd want it to be her! She is my fashion fairytale come true!

3. belle etoile - I just sooo love her celebrity posts! It's amazing how she has the patience and energy to find all the juicy and glamorous pictures of models and celebrities, that I often find myself drooling in admiration and (at times) envy.

4. Glamour Kills - A fresh find I discovered over at belle etoile's, this young lady is just really fab! If I wished Shasta could be my elder sister, now this lovely girl I'd want for a younger sister! Extremely pretty and fashionable, we share the love of pink, Barbie, make-up, clothes, shoes... you get the picture!

5. Good Gals Inc. - Also a recent blog I've stumbled upon from Mrs. Stiletto's introductory Mondays, this gal really is good! Reading her posts make me realize that how a relationship could always be constantly full of surprises.

6. StartingOverat24 - Ok, he is the only male blogger in this list, but I've been hooked on his blog ever since I even started blogging here at blogger. His posts always makes me laugh and it is very very interesting to read about a guy's insights on dating and relationships. I find that I could really relate to his experiences.

7. Newlywed Stilettos - She is just one of the nicest and I mean NICEST bloggers around! She began this Monday tradition wherein she would introduce a couple of new bloggers in her Monday posts, and through this I got the chance to meet and read a lot of other amazing blogs! Thanks Mrs. Stilettos!

8. THAT GIRL - This girl's got me totally hooked! Her posts are extremely entertaining and insightful. From the few weeks since I've started following her blog, I feel that I've gotten to know her more from reading her posts! Such a beautiful individual.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday OMG


After two months of physical disappearance, I shall be facing this lifetime's
ultimate male hang-up on Thursday.


Susan Miller, you better be right with your Gemini's December forecast! 
What to wear. What to say. How to act.

Mineral Make-up Weekend!

When: December 20 and 21, 2008 (10am-6pm)
Where: Greenmeadows Clubhouse
(inside Greenmeadows Xmas Rush Bazaar)

After the huge success of last year's Mineral Make-Up Weekend, we are bringing back the much-awaited event this week!

The Mineral Make-Up Weekend brings together different mineral makeup brands in one venue to celebrate mineral makeup and create more awareness about it. Six brands will be joining, and as a treat, FREE SAMPLES will be given away to all pre-registered visitors, as well as free makeovers and skin consultations.

Moreover, talks will be held by skin specialists, makeup artists, and MMU brand owners as they showcase their strengths and advantages, and show us how to create simple yet stunning day and night looks.

We are giving away 300 FREE mineral makeup lootbags, worth Php500 each!!! Plus a free mirror if you come on Saturday!

To avail of your free loot bag, here's what you need to do:
1. Post about this event, together with the banner, and a link back to this site on your multiply blog or blogspot. (Just copy the text above until this part - procedure on how to avail of free loot bags, then include a link at the bottom.)
2. Send your blog entry URL together with your full name, address, and mobile number to, with subject: MMU Weekend. Also, please indicate if you are a mineral makeup user or newbie.
3. Only one free loot bag per blog, per person. Sorry, but we cannot accept submissions for your friends.
4. To claim your free loot bag, simply attend the event and present a valid picture ID at the MMU Room Registration area.


Monday, December 15, 2008

The "New Look" (six-hour salon day)

Took a brave break from exams. Fortunately, I left the salon feeling fabulously new!

Also, I would like to thank Mrs. Stilettos for the warm welcome! All new bloggers feel free to drop by her page be lurved!

Final Straw

One more day and I'm finally free.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

OMFG (the continuation)

final stretch of hell week + girlfriend in need = 2 hours of sleep + rushing to William Hall sans blowdrying

Rewind to about two weeks and a half ago...
*over YM

IB: How to deal with Franco... (the apathetic guy I relentlessly "tormented" in highschool)
W: What about Franco???
IB: I'm really confused... why now? I mean he's been dead in my little black book for centuries!
W: I think you confuse guys more than they confuse you! Hahahahaha!
IB: Me? I've always been very direct W. It's just effing annoying when these guys refuse to spit out a clear, direct, and simple "yes" or "no". It saves so much time. 
W: Uh oh! I've heard that line from you before...
IB: What line???
W: The this-is-the-beginning-of-a-new-challenge-for-me-to-conquer line!
IB: Well, now that you've mentioned it...
W: Sh*t.
IB: Fudge. Why am I programmed this way??? Venus knows how hung up I am on ATF! Try reading blogs W, and you'll discover that there are lots of men out there who get their kicks out of messing with women's heads!
W: Chill. Forget ATF. Wait are you still with Charming?
IB: Next question please.
W: OMG! Charming + ATF and now + Franco! You are a goddess indeed! LOL!
IB: It isn't funny. It's driving me crazy! Don't ever ever do what I'm doing!
W: I won't. It's just wifey (not W's actual wife, but her gf of 2 years) for the rest of my life... Just delete all the guys in your phonebook! I mean it's the only solution!
IB: Of course it isn't! I could just stop you know.
IB: I will W, I will.
IB: When I get what I want.
W: Sh*t. You and your intellectual challenges. You should marry an encyclopedia. I could hook you up with ours... theyre in the library somewhere...


Last night (or morning... I think it was around 2am)
*over the phone

W: Do not kill me.
IB: Why would I want to do that? We're family!
W: I need your advice.
IB: Fire away niece...
W: Our class went out of town the other night. Wifey couldn't make it.
IB: Ok, perhaps she has a valid reason so...
W: It's not that! You know how I am... you know I love to flirt.
IB: But of course, we're family remember hahaha!
W: Hahaha! I flirt with EVERYONE. Regardless of gender! Sometimes I would even squeeze K's (W's gay friend) ass!
IB: That's... nice? Ok. Who is the new girl?
W: Hahaha!
IB: Spit it out! Who is she? Is this thing like official?
W: No. Not official. Let's call her Fergie. She's a close friend. I would annoy her and flirt with her and she would always be "No!"..."Eeew W!" But wifey was away, and I got drunk and...
IB: Fudge. Alcohol never fails to screw things up!
W: I know! So I had to take a shower, cause Fergie didnt like the reek of alcohol. 
IB: Huh? I don't get it.
W: I promised her I'd sleep beside her that night!
W: Hahaha! I know - we're family remember? It was harmless at first... you know I love doing this! So anyway, I got into the bed and her back was facing me... I started messing her hair... then after awhile she reached out and held my hand...
IB: Oh how sweet!
W: And I don't know what happened but... when she held my hand... my heart started beating fast!
IB: DUH! It's the moment W.
W: But nothing happened.
IB: *facepalm* Oh-kay! So if nothing happened... what do you need my advice for?
W: I want her.
IB: Oh. Oh. OH!!!
W: Hahaha!!!
IB: Want her as in want her? Or want her as in like her?
W: I don't know!
IB: And wifey?
W: I don't know... Sh*t! I want them both! This sucks! We got to talk about it, and we both know it's wrong. And we both agreed to do what we have to do. But... it's still open you know... I mean... I am trying hard to be a good person, but the want for Fergie is already there! It's killing me! That's why I can't tell her to stop - cause I want it too.
IB: Fudge. Think W. Is she worth losing wifey for? This may just be a phase... only you know the answer.
W: I do. But what should I do about it?
IB: As your friend, you know what my answer is. But if you really want this - then make things clear. If you just want her, tell her. Straight out. Don't mess with her emotions. Don't give her false hopes. If she's up for it then you'll just have to face the consequences afterwards. If she isn't, as in  she wants more - as in a relationship, and you know you can't give her that then stop. End it. End it CLEARLY. TELL HER "FERGIE, LET'S STOP THIS CAUSE THIS IS NOT RIGHT." Make everything clean and clear!
W: Wow. I smell bitterness.
IB: Haha. Funny.
W: Don't kill me. But she already told me what she wants - we talked about it yesterday. And even if she didnt admit it I already knew... from the moment we held hands...
IB: And???
W: She likes me. No. She more than likes me. She has feelings for me. Deeeeep feelings.
IB: OK! Time's up! Exit is this way please...
W: Wait! On a lighter note, aren't you proud of how good a flirt I am?
IB: *eyeroll* of course. We're faaameeelee!
W: What can I say, I learned from the best. Hahaha! Oh how's ATF?
IB: Flushed him down. W, I think... I'm beginning to like Franco...
W: Nah, I think you already do.
IB: Fine!!! I like him ok!!! But we're talking about you! So what did you tell Fergie after that?
W: That I like her too. I really do. 
W: We are in deep sh*t!
IB: We are indeed.



W (part of my highschool clique): We are in deep sh*t!
IB: We are indeed.

To be continued...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The X Friend (gradeschool all over again)

Dear X Friend,

You suck! How could you think, say and do all those things when I've always wanted only the best for you? 

I kept all your secrets. You gave away a few of mine.
I totally trusted you. You fabricated a couple of lies.
Bases fully covered?
We shared peanut and jelly sandwiches.
We giggled all night.
Those days are long gone now.

F.O. bye!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ciao Italia!

Remember tonight, for it is the beginning
of always.
                                            -Dante Alighieri

I've been suffering from Roman Fever for quite some time now (had been doing some self-study prior to hell month of exams), and today I took myself one step closer to my "Milan Fashion Week" dream by enrolling in Italian lessons! Class begins on January 10 and I think learning Italian would be a good way to welcome 09! :) Luckily, I was also able to convince A (a close guy bud) to join in the fun (I now have a guaranteed partner for dialogues and all other pair activities :D)! I'm totally psyched!

MILAN 2011 it is!

Also, Mrs. Stilettos has been sweet enough to start a tradition that welcomes new bloggers into the world of blogging. Visit her page and feel the love!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

(twi)Light Relief

Hell month is definitely taking its toll on me.
Rest periods = texting, multiply-ing, facebook-ing, g-chatting, YM-ing, blogging, daydreaming... you get the picture.
Fortunately, I was in a pretty good mood today because of being briefly ATFed. Pretty good enough that I "twilightfully" (nope, sorry I am not an Edwardian; I think Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Carlisle Cullen, looked hot though) replied to TA's text demand for "the decision".
To: IB
06/12/08 08:27 PM
Stop playing games! Decide. Now.
To: TA
06/12/08 08:31 PM
As my response, I say "I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore (Cullen, 2008)."
To: IB
06/12/08 8:40 PM
Swayed by emotions haha! I wouldn't recommend it (look where it got me!). But it's your call :)
To: TA
06/12/08 08:45 PM
To: IB
06/12/08 8:58 PM
I think he's startin 2 give in.
To: TA
06/12/08 09:03 PM
Then "I'll be his life now." lol
I know. I'm such a jerk to text with sometimes.
It got me thinking though - which is the real measure of strength?
Being strong enough to leave, or being strong enough to stay?
Ok, just one more teehee! "I'm breaking all the rules now... since I'm going to hell (Cullen, 2008)." Ooh this is fun!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Best of the Worst Dates (and hopefully the last)

05/12/08 03:46PM

Thus said the text message of Z, this guy I used to go out with whenever I was extremely bored and in need of a quick ego fix. Such a profound, sincere, and engaging message after half a year of absence from the face of my pink and perky world. My eyes brimmed with tears, and I stiffled a big yawn. I switched my brain to its Norton Anti-Virus mode and did a quick scan.

Three threats were found.

Mr. Obviously Aint Over 

When: 3 years ago
Where: by the Manila Bay
Duration: 3 hours
Role I assumed: Dr. Phil

Oh yeah. Could never forget this one. By the end of the date I knew everything about the ex - dress size, favorites, virtues, vices (he caught an STD from her so gee thanks, it was very thoughtful of him to inform me) and all that jazz. I felt for him though, so I gave him my sincerest thoughts and opinions the way I would with my closest friends. At one point Mr. OAO started crying, complete with matching hands-over-face pose. I quickly downed my third Margarita then. 

Mr. Houdini (extremely ODD, but rich and good looking)
When: 2 years ago
Where: some ice cream parlor
Duration: 2 hours
Role I assumed: date from hell

Ok, I went on this one as per my room mate's insistence -
"It's free food. Just do your thing and charm him. The mall is about to close anyway." Great. Houdini was some sort of directionless chap, so I had to cross to the other side of the road. Oh it was raining hard that night too. His welcome words as I entered his car, "Wow, you'd definitely win any wet t-shirt contest." His comeuppance: I spent the entire night raving about this huge crush I've got on one of my girls' guys. On and on and on and on I went 'til he drove me back home. Good thing I immediately dashed out of the car as he was about to lean over for a kiss. 

Mr. Sales Pitch of the Year
When: memory gap hits
Where: grill restaurant
Duration: memory gap hits again
Role I assumed: audience, he took care of everything

Aside from all the smoke, my eyes dried out from the thrill of our conversation. After doing a background check on me, he began a tirade on all the women he dated who came from my highschool. Models, celebrities, chefs... I was already in deep conversation with my grilled pork chop. He really had a great time though, considering he promptly followed-up within the procedural three-day timeframe, and asked me out again - twice. 

Recommended action ---> fix

Processing 3 threats....

There are no more security risks to be resolved.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Whole Again (a sincere ty to the college ex)

It was the Good Friday of 2006 when it ended.

There I was struggling through the sand, going after one of my girls who was crazily arguing with her bf. Two days in Montemar - I did everything half-heartedly. I wasn't enjoying the beach, the sun, the food... how could I have fun when my "happiness" was two-hours-by- plane away? I was trying so hard to catch up with my right hand busily texting, while the other was tightly grasping "The Art of War", which I've been reading earlier that day. We finally got to the restaurant. My thumb was wildly punching the keys of my hot pink moto razr while T and P hissed on...

1 new message from *****
It's over. Stop calling or texting me. Don't make this hard for us.

I think I dropped the phone. I think I screamed. All I can remember was that T and P stopped arguing and stared at me.

"Oh my God. He... he... broke up with me. Through text."

I wanted to drown myself. I wanted to jump out of our cottage window. I wanted to drink the bottle of clog buster from the bathroom. I didn't sleep for the rest of our stay in Montemar. The stupid bus played a compilation of sad and cheesy heartbreak songs for four fucking hours. I was dying. I was dying. I was dying.

The stream of hot tears lasted for the rest of that summer.

The present: two years after the dirtiest break-up in my 21-year history.

I left him a message through YM last night. "Hey, grad ka na ba? :)"
Nothing. It's been that way for quite some time now. My mind suddenly dragged me back to the first day of our first term in second year, when we faced each other for the first time.

We were walking towards LS.
"You're awfully quiet. Aren't you going to say anything?"

"Like what?"

"Uh, I don't know... how about sorry?"

"I was going to... ayan ka nanaman eh lagi mo kong inuunahan."

"What happened? To us?"

"I think it's best for me to keep the reason to myself."

Figuring it out drove me mad.
mad = anger = mad = crazy

One of our friends told me he once said,
"How could I love her again if she's making me hate her?"
I've always been the fighting type.

I was so different then. Two years ago... feels like "The Land Before Time".

It's been awhile since I've moved on, but I never got the chance to give "closure" to that episode of my life, which was 1/3 responsible for turning me into the person I am today.

Whole again.

Thank you.
This post isn't meant to embarass you, or make people hate either one of us...
Thank you.
It's too late for apologies, and apologies would get us nowhere anyway.
Thank you.
I mean it.

Forever Summer

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Emotional Cyclone

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pseudo-sober Self Cross-examination

Eff. I woke up this morning with a throbbing headache, and I was too much of a slug to get my ass over at the Ministop downstairs for my morning coffee. As a result, I'm in no mood to work today - sure. Heck, maybe later (Vinz is dropping by and I asked him to bring over some caramel frappe in exchange for tuna sushi *thank God for Vinz; seriously wonder how grad school would be in the following terms without him*.)!

no coffee = cerebral hang

*advertisement* MW just texted.
ANDRE THOMAS R. CONFIADO! What are we going to do with you??
*takes deep calming breaths*


G2: So ano tuloy pa ba?
Hell yeah! But as an afterthought - tuloy ang alin? Meron pa ba dapat ituloy? Was there really anything to begin with? Intellectual stimulation much. 

As Jive: I'll always over-analyze.

As a person: I've always known the answer.

As a plant: I'd rather photosynthesize.

As a G: Who cares about the answer - it is
the inevitable. 

G1: We'll show ATF .
Oh we will. I think I've accepted the fact that this will take a long while. I might as well try to sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the flight.

Today I reset to day 1.

Shucks. Why do I have to be sooo Gemini?

Blow Hot and Cold

  -idiom [blō hät ənd kōld]
1. to favor a thing at one time and treat it coldly at another.
2. to appear both to favor and to oppose.

Oh yeah.