Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pseudo-sober Self Cross-examination

Eff. I woke up this morning with a throbbing headache, and I was too much of a slug to get my ass over at the Ministop downstairs for my morning coffee. As a result, I'm in no mood to work today - sure. Heck, maybe later (Vinz is dropping by and I asked him to bring over some caramel frappe in exchange for tuna sushi *thank God for Vinz; seriously wonder how grad school would be in the following terms without him*.)!

no coffee = cerebral hang

*advertisement* MW just texted.
ANDRE THOMAS R. CONFIADO! What are we going to do with you??
*takes deep calming breaths*


G2: So ano tuloy pa ba?
Hell yeah! But as an afterthought - tuloy ang alin? Meron pa ba dapat ituloy? Was there really anything to begin with? Intellectual stimulation much. 

As Jive: I'll always over-analyze.

As a person: I've always known the answer.

As a plant: I'd rather photosynthesize.

As a G: Who cares about the answer - it is
the inevitable. 

G1: We'll show ATF .
Oh we will. I think I've accepted the fact that this will take a long while. I might as well try to sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the flight.

Today I reset to day 1.

Shucks. Why do I have to be sooo Gemini?

4 mouth offs:

babablacksheep said...

hey twinship it's meeeeh!

!llegally blonde said...

OMG! Hello twin! Looks like you've been buzy as a-b-c lately ah! hahaha! Miss ya!

G1 said...

I'll take your dramarama. But here's the TRADE OFF: you get to sit in my office and be right smack in the middle of spy cameras. ;)

And Gerry, I swear, we'll truly plot revenge!

!llegally blonde said...

Fudge. As long as there are no FCTs around. Oh! As long as there isn't any rising/shooting/falling star in the area as well. Mehn this is difficult.

Two more weeks and it's all over. I need a drink.