Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday OMG


After two months of physical disappearance, I shall be facing this lifetime's
ultimate male hang-up on Thursday.


Susan Miller, you better be right with your Gemini's December forecast! 
What to wear. What to say. How to act.

7 mouth offs:

石原テイ said...

good luck!! LL and ATF!! HMGZ!! :-)

!llegally blonde said...

Fudge. LL as well!!!

Paddington's Shadow said...

Hopefully it'll all go smoothly for you.

Good Gals Inc said...

Good luck!!!

Shasta said...

I am so sending you good thoughts, good luck pretty girl!

!llegally blonde said...

Thanks everyone!!!

hisMrs said...

I love your layout! SO cute. I look forward to reading your blog :) Thanks for being a follower of mine! I hope you find some of it useful when you plan a wedding! :)