Thursday, December 11, 2008

The X Friend (gradeschool all over again)

Dear X Friend,

You suck! How could you think, say and do all those things when I've always wanted only the best for you? 

I kept all your secrets. You gave away a few of mine.
I totally trusted you. You fabricated a couple of lies.
Bases fully covered?
We shared peanut and jelly sandwiches.
We giggled all night.
Those days are long gone now.

F.O. bye!

3 mouth offs:

So@24 said...

I love it when people say, "YOU SUCK!"

Shasta said...

I'm sorry that you friend turned out to be a "faux friend". Damn it, women can really suck. You will find some one worthy of you, someone that will keep your secrets.

!llegally blonde said...

SO@24: yeah, quite a punch when said face to face haha!

Shasta: Thanks for your kind words girl! It's just really disappointing, especially we kind of expect that as women, we'd automatically stick to one another.