Wednesday, December 24, 2008

G: "The unicorn is the unicorn is the unicorn."

As G says, the unicorn symbolizes the unattainable - it is a myth.
This is quite embarassing for me, considering my numerous attempts to "forget" my own unattainable unicorn, but last night I faced the harsh reality that sometimes there are just certain people and situations that you could never forget. He was, is and would be around for the foreseeable future, and I've no choice but to deal with it. Arriving at this realization was hard. Articulating it is even harder. Deciding how to act - now this is the hardest.
As Professor Bird (my adorable Brit econ prof over at Tufts) would say, "Economists are simple-minded folk. They can't deal with a lot of choices, so mostly they categorize everything into two." Thus, my two options:
1) The more stupid and likely: To keep hanging on amidst knowing that there would never be anything. Stick around and settle for what is existing, while secretly hoping that one day all would change.
2) The "best", most difficult, and highly unlikely (knowing me): To respect principles and stay away. Move on without looking back.
God help me find the strength to push through with option number 2.
The unicorn is unattainable.
It is a mythical creature.
It could be seen just in the imagination.
Never mine. Never thine. Never ours.
This is starting to kill me.
I've got to walk away.

4 mouth offs:

石原テイ said...

the lovers card represents choice. i suppose that's what love is really all about.

Princesa said...

now that was an amazing entry!.. i might as well stop calling him by his name and start calling him unicorn.. lol we all have a unicorn don't we??

!llegally blonde said...

G: *cue music" Wuhats laav got-to-do-wit-got-to-do-with-it! Hahaha!

Princesa: Yes, "unicorn" is the new universal code for the unattainable men in our lives.

Oreste said...

A kiss from Rome. Ciao