Sunday, February 1, 2009

And I'm IT!

This one coming from The Polkadotted Owl :) Y'all should drop by her blog. 

The rules:
1. Go to your pics, pick the 6th folder and the 6th pic.
2. Tell who and what.
3. Pick 6 people

A shot of the Quincy Market during my summer stint in Boston, the place, as you can see, is just totally swarming with a gazillion of people! I just lalalaloved the lobster roll I had for lunch that time!

Here are the six fab chicks I've chosen:
Snickerdoodle Champagne
Sassy Stilettos
Snow White and the 76 Dwarfs

5 mouth offs:

Whitney said...

That looks like a fun place!
Thanks for the tag!
PS - did you change your blog address because you disappeared from my radar and I thought you were gone!!

Anonymous said...

Eeeek for being sick! Thanks for the totally awesome shout out! Hope you feel better. I always knew yogurt was bad.

Practically Perfect... said...

Cool! Thanks for the tag :-) We've been to the Quincy Markey only once since moving to Massachusetts - it was so busy!

The Blonde Duck said...

It looks fun! Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Have I told you about the crisis that is my reader. I can't find you. But it says I'm following you- but it doesn't update. Very peculiar and rather irritating!! BAH!

Thanks for the tag! I'll get right on it :)