Tuesday, January 6, 2009

... and I'm Back!

Sorry for dropping off the radar for a bit, cause I got so wrapped up in post-New Year happenings. Nevertheless, I now come crashing back into harsh reality - the holidays are so over (unless you squeeze in Chinese New Year on the 26th) and it's time to get the house in order. It is extremely stressful to look at the holiday rush mess left unattended just like this one:

Yes, that is my desk, and that is how it usually looks during finals and hell week/month.

I know it's horrible so I'm off to clear it up right after I post this. Classes are starting tomorrow, but my professor in International Political Economy is still in HongKong, so I'm crossing my fingers that he would let us have the day off (I only have two classes this term: the one I've just mentioned and Politics of European Integration... sounds like serious business I know - cause they really are! If you guys could only see the amount of reading load we get per week... it's totally crayzeh!). 

Anyway, I started my healthy eating lifestyle yesterday. It is a great thing especially since my friends noticed my holiday weight gain :( 

Yesterday's meal log:

decaf tea
vegetable quiche

AM snack
pistachio nuts 

grilled chicken
side salad

PM snack
cottage cheese

steamed fish
mixed florets
pandan jello

Everything was so bland... I am seriously having difficulties adjusting to the "flavor" of my meals. I'm a sugar addict you see, so yesterday was quite a "shock" to my system. I had a terrible terrible headace, but I couldn't tell whether it's my body's withdrawal or my new astigmatism (I had my lenses fixed in any case and I'm glad the headache's gone when I woke up). I kept craving for my usual cup of coffee and desserts the entire day! I really couldn't help myself that I decided to eat a cookie and a brownie in the evening :( It made me feel so effing guilty, but fortunately I read a passage from the South Beach book that featured a dieter's story (he was going through the same cravings thing) and he said that instead of depriving himself, he cured his intense sweeth tooth gradually. Perhaps I should do the same. *sigh*

Anyway here is my menu for today:

lite milk tea
hardboiled eggs and canadian bacon

AM snack
dry roasted nuts

chili shrimps
side salad
salad dressing

PM snack
celery sticks with salmon dip

roast pork
cabbage in olive oil
chocolate tapioca

I'll keep everyone updated with my food log (sorry if it would bore some of you) in the hopes of helping me stay motivated and focused with this whole new healthy eating lifestyle thing I'm in. 

5 mouth offs:

<3 J. said...

I seriously NEED to start eating better.

Some people have said that it looks like I lost weight...

I tell them I'm on the "Gotta-pay-the-Rent" diet.

When they ask me what it is I say "I'm poor and can only afford one meal a day!" haha.

Good luck girl! You'll totally get used to it! and you've got us here to motivate you =]

Chloie said...

Welcome back to reality! I had to get back to work yesterday, but I feel that my mind is still in vacation mode. Gained some holiday weight too, so now I gotta eat less and exercise more. Good luck with your plan. I'm sure it will get easier as you become used to it...

Paddington's Shadow said...

That's the tidiest desk I've ever seen!

Chloie said...

There's an award for you at my blog!

!llegally blonde said...

J: Haha! Thanks for cracking me up - "Gotta-pay-the-Rent" diet sounds like a good one. ;)Thank you so much for the motivation... I totally need it :)

Chloie: Thanks for the support honey. We could do this! Hopefully your mind is now back on to the reality track.

Paddington's Shadow: I know right. Tell me about it ;)