Thursday, January 1, 2009

All Smiles for 2009!

This is it people - 2008 is officially OVAH (boy am I glad it finally is)! The previous year was a challenging one for me... I graduated from university, plunged into summer school abroad, entered grad school, met so many new people. While there had been so much buzz on the "credit crunch" in 2008, I also had my fair share of "emotional and mental crunches" during the year. As I've mentioned in my earlier posts - no looking back. HELLO 2009!!!

2009 will witness...

1. The sexiest ever - yes. Let's all burn those new "holiday pockets" we've all acquired and aspire for that dream figure. Aim for the best and it shall be!

2. My Italian journey - I will be beginning Italian lessons on the 10th and I'm totally excited!

3. Intense focus and dedication - I shall follow my time tables religiously! If it ain't listed down, it doesn't exist.

Let's toast to a wonderful 2009! It's going to be everything we hope for!

4. Peace and love and happiness - self-explanatory.

5. The culmination of everything I'd get into this year. As in everything.

Let's toast to a wonderful 2009 everyone! It's going to be everything we hope for!

8 mouth offs:

Chloie said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best this new year..

Sassy Pants said...

Happy new year lovey!

BTW-- You are so sweet! I didn't even think anyone would read my post since it was entirely SO long, but your comment brought tears to my eyes and it meant so much to me!

Princesa said...

yeay lets toast!.. i'll bring the champagne :D!!!

samiam4eva06 said...

Hey girl! From the sounds of it.. 2009 will be great for both of us! That's exciting we have something to look forward to. And don't worry, prince charming will come around eventually1

Alegra said...

Happy New Year!! LoVe U!!

Errant said...

nice wishes .. hopefully all of them will come true

chex said...

wicked header. dropped by
happy new year :]

Whitney said...

That is an awesome list!!!!
Happy New Year!